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Company Registration

Company Registration

We will take you through the process of registering your company from scratch, starting with the preparation of the company contract and accompanying documents upon application for registration and representation by the National Court Register and the authorities. The decision to register a company with our participation is a guarantee of formal and legal correctness, saving time and money

Sale of Companies

We offer you ready-made limited companies, with National Court Register (KRS), Tax Identification (NIP), Regon and VAT numbers appointed, starting from 1899 zł. A ready-made company is a perfect solution to save the time needed to complete and register a company from scratch.

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Ready-made company – what do you get when you buy already registered company?

Comfortable start up day by day

You get the ready product – a business entity fully prepared to start its operation

Saving time and money

Standard registration of the company takes several weeks, such waiting period is often too problematic. Ready-made company is a perfect solution to this problem.

Professional support

During one meeting you sign the required documents. Rest of the paperwork remains on our side.


Our companies do not have any commercial and accounting history, you receive a guarantee of this status in the contract of shares sale.

Discount for notary services

Continuous cooperation with selected law firms guarantees preferential rates

Comprehensive service

We offer legal, HR and accounting services, virtual office and representation in the authorities.

Ready-made limited companies

A ready-made company is getting increasingly popular and valued solution, especially recommended when everyday waiting for the opportunity to take action and the actual start-up of the business is a problem because, for example, it dismisses the vision of concluding a lucrative contract or blocks the possibility of participating in an important auction.

A ready-made company is a good solution for people, who do not like or want to participate in the process of numerous formalities necessary in the situation when we register the entity from scratch (visit notary public in a regular way, obtain an electronic signature for registration in electronic system S24, prepare registration application, possible follow-ups formal shortcomings, finally formalities to the Tax Office or Social Security). In such cases, we usually recommend the purchase of an existing, fully registered entity, ready to operate formally, legally and economically.

Our ready-made companies are free from any legal defects, debts, risk of unclear economic past. You will receive a guarantee of the status of the acquired company in the contract of shares sale and additional, dedicated statements, as well as the confirmation of signatures itself under the contract, which are always made in the presence of a notary.

In our offer we have several dozen of different entities, with different traineeships and wide PKD, adapted to almost every branch and direction of development. In addition, if it corresponds to the current needs of the buyer of the ready-made company, we equip the entity with a bank account and other necessary attributes (office in the indicated town and in a strictly selected location, warehouses, halls, permits, certificates, concessions, branches in various locations in Poland, etc.).

You often ask if the purchase of a ready-made company makes it possible for you to freely and fully operate during the transitional period, i.e. at the time when you divest and purchase shares before a notary visit, we file a set of documents at the registry court, but it is commonly known that the registry courts do not handle the applications daily and the waiting period to update the registry is usually several weeks waiting for the visibility of new shareholders, new board and other changes. The answer is obvious. Yes, it makes. Otherwise, the whole idea and the advantages of acquiring a ready-made entity would not make sense and would have no added value to the new owners.

This is happening because of the fact, that the possession of a notarized transfer agreement – the acquisition of shares in a ready-made company, certified copies of documents submitted in the National Court Register, including necessary resolutions and declarations of the new board of directors, are accepted by the authorities and institutions and hence are sufficient for functioning in the business, when the KRS will verify the application and update the registry.

In our offer you will find ready-made companies based in Wrocław and many other cities.

Ready-made companies with their history

Our companies have a clear business and accounting history and are free of any obligations and debts. We do not buy companies with economic history, but we also have clients who, for various reasons, want to sell the shares held in the company/companies. We usually have dozens of companies with their histories to choose from.

Company registration from scratch – saving time and money

When you decide to register a limited company with our participation you have a guarantee of:

  • preparation of individually agreed company agreements;
  • appointment of competent company authorities
  • providing notarial services (all formalities are completed during one meeting);
  • checking the uniqueness of the selected company name and verifying the possibility of assigning it,
  • documentation for registration in the National Court Register, the Statistical Office, the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution,
  • representation in court registry and authority proceedings
  • registration of the entity as VAT and EU VAT taxpayer,
  • preparation of the legal title to the premises of the companies,
  • assistance in finding a prestigious location (also in the form of a virtual office);
  • tax and social insurance optimization
Why it is worth to trust us?

Especially because we know what we do, what guarantees smooth and professional operation. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction, not on quantity. Both service standards and quality are crucial for us from the moment we are given a service order, until we have provided the customer with a complete set of documents in the matter, e.g. an extract from the National Court Register, where new shareholders, new management and possibly other additional data indicated by the Customer, are entered.

What distinguishes us from the competitors?

We treat every customer as we would like to be treated – professionally, with care and utmost precision. You can always reach us over the phone, you can always count on our reliability and professional help, you can rest assured, that during the entire process of service, whether we are subcontracted to the registration of a limited liability company, limited partnership, association, acquisition of shares in a new, clean limited company or whether you are buying shares in a company with economic history, we will take care of the smooth running of the formalities, we are providing you with a peace of mind and the ability to concentrate on running a business.

Regardless of whether you are looking for professional help in registering a company or already registered one, a clear company limited, a limited partnership, a company with history and turnover – we are always able to help you. For further information, please contact us: +48 799 299 600 or




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We specialize in the registration and sale of ready-made companies, which have all the formal attributes necessary to start a business immediately after their purchase. This is perfect solution to save time needed to set up and register your company from scratch.